High-Tech non-contact cleaning

  • The method do not need any chemical liquids or gases and do not contain consumables.
  • Laser cleaning does not require any special protection of the work environment, the method is not fire work, so it can be done by one person.

High-quality cleaning head

  • Simple, lightweight and ergonomic, the structure makes handling even large objects easy and comfortable.
  • The cleaning head’s internal optics and instrumentation are of a very high quality for precise pattern, stable operation and long service life.

From Professionals. To Professionals.

  • Durability and efficiency are at the heart of the design of the cleaning head mirrors and lenses.
  • Work with the equipment can be done almost indefinitely, ie work is not interrupted during cooling periods.

Unique control system and features

  • Clear and easy-to-use menus, extensive control options and the best cleaning performance in its class.
  • Thanks to these features, the cleaned surface is of uniform quality, the base material is not damaged and cleaning control is easy and accurate.


  • Removal of rust and paint from metal surfaces.
  • Cleaning of mould. Rubber, plastic, resin, etc….
  • Pre-treatment of surfaces to be welded or coated.
  • Removal of oils and dirt from metal surfaces.
  • Paints, pulps, resins, adhesives, biofilms and oxides etc.
  • Removal of dirt and darkening from natural stone and concrete surfaces due to environmental impact.
  • Applications in the electronics industry, removal of particulates and oxidation from semiconductors, circuit boards, and conductor components.
  • Graffiti, printing industry rolls, stock grease, property cleaning, nuclear power plant cleaning solutions.
  • Thus, the equipment is suitable for a wide range of industries, in fact, for anyone who does some sort of cleaning.

    A few examples are the shipbuilding, automotive, rail, aerospace, metal, welding, sandblasting etc.

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